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Nowadays fast biotechnology development and booming innovation of new medicine create growing demand of novel nucleoside.  Relying on expertise accumulated in more than one decade, Unisyn is able to provide multiple kinds of Ribose, Base, Nucleoside, Modified Nucleoside and related building blocks.  

Headed by returnee PhDs, a state-of-the-art laboratory was set in Nanjing Jiangbei New Material Science and Technology Park R&D Centre by Unisyn; Meanwhile Unisyn invested GMP complying production facility together with partner in Hangzhou, it perfectly complies with latest EHS standards in China. In 2019, this facility was approved by USFDA.  This laboratory and production facility are maintained with same quality system to form an integrated platform, supporting seamless transferring from lab process to commercialization.

Unisyn targets to be the best supplier of global clients using nucleoside and most excellent innovator in this area.